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Sep 2, 2009

Ran Upgrade Weapon Refine

Here are some tips ran upgrade weapon refines. Not just factor lucky, you must have item to upgrade weapon. You will able to hear a chime and from the chatbox there should be a message in a yellow green font 'upgrading succesful'.Ways to succesfully upgrade weapon items :

1. burr - improves weapon power to a maximum of +4

2. fine burr - improves weapon power to a maximum of +9
You will be need lux protection potion for armors and fine burr for weapon

thx kero egames

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Aug 14, 2009

Latest Bot Ran Online

To use bot ran online, you just find a good place then press F10 then start botting, then F12 to stop. You can download bot ran online at here. Now, you can see video latest bot ran online

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Aug 7, 2009

Ran Online Skills Swordsman

With video ran online skills swordsman, you can build swordsman with full dex. You know skill ran online such as :

  1. Int - deals good damage, most skills are long range, a bit of a slow caster, has buffs skills meant to increase such stats, weapon depends on energy alue
  2. Power - deals massive damage, most skills are a bit slow casting, weapon depends on the attack power
  3. Dex - has high defense, has fast casting skills, also increase a little of evasion, move speed, depends on the attach power of the weapon

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Jul 23, 2009

Ran Pet Tips

If you play and you want pets in your character ran. Ran pets are very helpful, specially with there skills. In order for you to use your pet, you can right click your pet, outside the campus. Below pets ran  types :
1. siberian husky, a doggy lover
2. turtle, a cute tiny shell while doint some level
3. white tiger, a cute tiny white tiger at your side
4. ranny bear, you can have this cute tiny bear

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